RAIL YARD is a fantastic, collaborative, creative work environment that has generated a deep sense of community among all of its occupant artists, designers and business professionals. Although we may appear to be a coworking space--of which there are plenty in Tucson--we are truly  one-of-a-kind. We support the coworking movement, and are listed in coworking directories, but we have evolved into a different kind of working and playing space altogether.

Coworking spaces have been around for about ten years now, and have sprung up mostly because of the rapidly advancing technology that is now allowing creative, self-motivated people to work wirelessly from almost anywhere. Many companies have downsized substantially, both in terms of physical space, and the number of staff members. Thus, many people now work from home, but there are often too many distractions there, as there are at WiFi coffee houses like Starbucks too.

People working alone can end up with deep feelings of loneliness and disconnectedness from a society and economy that is, in fact, socially connected. Hence, the development of the original coworking spaces, where innovative individuals could at least have someone with whom to share that cup of good coffee, maybe the latest chapter in the book they are writing, or their latest design for a new home. Creators don’t feel lonely when other creators are around.

So how does RAIL YARD measure up to—and surpass--a traditional coworking space? There are many similarities but a couple of strong distinctions set us apart. RAIL YARD fosters a true sense of community between its members. We share our deep affection for this truly unique environment, which features cutting-edge designer furniture, lighting, artwork, and more. Natural light floods the work spaces at RAIL YARD, and the longer we stay here, caring for how our members feel becomes of paramount importance, and this sets us apart too.  There is a creative synergy at work here that can be hard to define, but it is felt by everyone who has working space in RAIL YARD, and everyone who visits.

We at RAIL YARD work collaboratively to a greater degree than most coworking space occupants are able to. In coworking spaces, the “users” tend to come and go, while at RY we get to know all of our members, and the normal leasing agreement is 36 months. Ideally, in coworking spaces, people are friendly with each other too, but there is a constant rotation of space users and not the same kind of stability that RAIL YARD provides. RAIL YARD’S intent was to develop a space so aesthetically appealing, so convenient and functional, so dynamic, and so community-minded that its members would want to stick around for a long time after they leased space here. In designing, building, and furnishing RAIL YARD, the goal of making people feel happy in the environment was always in the fore of the creators’ minds.

The creators themselves are another factor that makes RAIL YARD so different from traditional coworking spaces. Linda Robinson—Linda Robinson Design Associates, LLC—is renowned for her sophisticated interior design, which is chic, casual, and elegant. She has been named the 2013 “Master of the Southwest” by Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine. Phil Perry, the other innovative creator of RAIL YARD, is a superb artist, with over 40 years' experience as a high end, custom home furnishings manufacturer, and who is happy to share his creativity with other members and visitors on a daily basis. The designers share a passion for the use of organic, reclaimed, antique and native materials which have been combined together to create a signature style that is harmonious with the exclusive and sophisticated environment that is RAIL YARD. Come and feel that passion for yourself!