The past three months at RAIL YARD have been really exciting! We have spent much time refining our identity, expanding on our website and social media, and spending quality time with our members in an effort to learn more about them, and continue to strengthen our organically developing community. Our current members have joined RAIL YARD knowing that our coworking/makerspace/collaborative space/hybrid community is ideal for them, and through this belief and the voices of our members, we have expanded the environment to suit their needs, and will continue to adapt to the desires and ideals of our community. 


We are excited to announce our new Gallery at RAIL YARD that will be opening in the fall. We support local artists, and understand that there is a need for a venue where they can not only display their work, but also host shows and receptions. Artists will be able to do both at RAIL YARD! Currently, we in the midst of constructing a very special and unique entryway specially designed by Linda Robinson. Artists can submit to be displayed, plus an event space will be made available for them when their work is hung. Original art or good photographs will be required to submit an application. Call Stephanie Bermudez for more details.


We're happy to custom-tailor spaces for our members. For Alexandria Young, of Alexandria Young Art, we have developed a custom-built glass blowing studio designed by both Linda Robinson and Phil Perry. We believe it's important to grow organically and to tailor RAIL YARD according to the special needs of its creative community. Alexandria is joined by her father, Dave Young, Wizard of Ads. Dave's desire was to find an original and highly appealing space in Tucson where both he and his daughter could work on their individual creative projects under one roof. He chose RAIL YARD because of the organization’s willingness and ability to accommodate his needs, and also offer the community and creative environment he desired. Stop by to see Alexandria's new art studio and Dave's beautiful private office. 

Anne Dougherty, co-owner of a big data and research consulting firm, ILLUME, which supports efficiency, renewable, smart grid, and new tech development in the energy industry, reached out to us looking for a private office “she could secure quickly” in her relocation from Ann Arbor to Tucson. Anne has joined RAIL YARD by renting a private office, providing her with an outlet to meet, and potentially collaborate with and support, other creative people.

In the past several weeks, the following Resident Desk members have joined us at RAIL YARD. This has allowed us to be presently near capacity with this form of membership. If you're interested in a future desk at RAIL YARD, there currently is only one remaining resident desk available at $300/month with a 12-month commitment, and one semi-private office available for $375/month with a 12-month commitment. We anticipate having more available in the latter part of the year or early next year. Now is a great time to reserve a spot and lock in these monthly rates for annual commitments. 

LA Photography, Larry Laye

Front Row Geeks, Eddie Espinoza  

We're tremendously excited for all of the different types of creative people joining RAIL YARD for its unique environment, authentic and organic growth, wonderful leadership, and growing community.

If you're a creative person already in Tucson, or looking to relocate to Tucson, RAIL YARD is the only workspace that offers such a unique blend of talented associates, stimulating and beautiful environment, and leadership willing to custom-build a space for you. We understand that everyone has their own needs, and that today's businesses are dependent on an environment that is aesthetically appealing, functional, and fun. We are all of that and more…and we make great coffee!