Studies of workplace happiness and creative productivity seem to link back to the issue of “how do we feel” when we open the office door? Some studies of environments have revealed that when we enter someone’s home for the first time, we make our initial assessment of the space through our senses in twenty seconds! 

You will feel relaxed and invigorated in RAIL YARD. You will feel good when you come to work at RAIL YARD, and feel good all day long. So will your clients. The spaces are so gracious and filled with imaginative lighting that your spirits will soar and you will want to linger as long as you can—and again, so will your clients, You will feel as if you are welcoming your clients into your home, not your office.

RAIL YARD offers a totally unique working (and playing!) environment, and a plethora of very smart joking around, too. Designed by designers, for designers, every piece of furniture and fixture in the old historic manufacturing building has been custom-designed and much of it, handcrafted. The mixture of the old that has been recycled in new ways, and the new that is on the cutting edge of contemporary design, is intriguing, inspiring, functional, and comforting. Your senses will delight in discovering the unusual work spaces, meeting rooms, gallery, kitchen, and all the amenities that RAIL YARD provides.

Spaces are available to creative, motivated individuals and groups who want the very best in a community work environment. Everyone presently occupying RAIL YARD is driven by similar goals: to have a really lovely place to work and create, in the midst of a group of similarly creative people who want to cooperate to support each other’s businesses, as well as building their own. A lot of love went into the formation of the original concept, and then into the conversion of the building, and that love can be sensed everywhere in the unusual spaces.

If you are an established professional who wants a terrific office where you can have total privacy at times, RAIL YARD can provide that for you.  If you would prefer to share office space with another like-minded individual, that is available too. We can even accommodate students and interns who just need, perhaps, a desk at times, who want to be a part of this inspirational creative community. At present, we still have some open space available if you would like to custom-design your own office, with our help if you want it—and our help is very talented!

The core values of the space are to create a unique and supportive environment of leadership that works through inspiration, authenticity, and genuine community. Give us a call, come to see RAIL YARD for yourself, and bring your group if you have one. Let us brew you a terrific pot of coffee or tea, and talk with our fantastically innovative partners—the founders, designers, and builders of RAIL YARD—Linda Robinson and Phil Perry, and other open-minded, smiling individuals who are thoroughly enjoying the creative, appealing spaces in the historic building, in the midst of the historic district in Tucson. You may find yourself unwilling to leave!