a dynamic work environment like none before it...

A fusion of innovative design + social community


a dynamic work environment like none before it...

A fusion of innovative design + social community

We are now leasing exciting & unique Private offices 

for those those who appreciate the artistic stimulation of space and light, the ease of transacting business, and the company of other creative like-minded entrepreneurs and designers! 

RAIL YARD is a dynamic environment designed to motivate, inspire, create more beauty, and expand upon other businesses. We are a consortium of creative individuals who appreciate exceptional taste in independently owned workspaces, offer terrific service to our clients, and conduct our businesses with great integrity. The core values of the space are to create a unique and supportive environment of leadership that works through inspiration, authenticity, and genuine community. 

IS IT TIME FOR YOU TO ESCAPE “THE BOX,” and express yourself anew in a uniquely elegant, historic, and collaborative workspace, in which every member supports each other's efforts to learn and grow?

We at RAIL YARD have created a variety of spaces to meet different needs, styles of working and creativity, and functions. Want to have a cozy coffee for three? We provide just the right kinds of spaces for that. A formal meeting for twelve? We can accommodate that beautifully too, with new kinds of offices, a series of intriguing spaces and aesthetic experiences, and access to amenities especially suited to ambitious innovators. We are all very focused, upscale, sophisticated designers and entrepreneurs - and will foster signature artists who are unique, specialized, upbeat, and in tune with the positive interactive dynamic of RAIL YARD with love and intelligence! 


RAIL YARD is perfect for professionals who value sophistication and enjoy the dynamic work environment that develops when surrounded by other creative, inspiring, and complementary associates. From "solopreneurs" to leaders of large groups, we can accommodate all. 

At RAIL YARD, we're blending custom unique highly functional office spaces with efficient design to create a truly unusual workplace in Tucson. Our non-traditional elegance provides an inspiring and productive setting you'll be proud to call your business's home. 

RAIL YARD exemplifies the most artistic use of space: A historic 65 year-old red brick warehouse has been transformed into the perfect working space for today's sophisticated creative professionals. Love and a grand sense of balance have gone into the designing of the space and the fixtures. RAIL YARD is a design community, designed by a design community. Come and be a part of it - your own unique footprint will be visible!

Industrial Chic

Acclaimed interior designer Linda Robinson has spent countless hours designing the perfect workspace - the RAIL YARD.   Sleek chairs specially commissioned by her, mixed with raw steel and natural wood desks designed specifically for RAIL YARD, have created  an exciting look in a very high-tech work environment that blends the old and the historic with new cutting-edge design. 


RAIL YARD provides the access and amenities required for a seamless professional working and social environment:

  • Hi-Speed Internet (300/30) & WIFI
  • Fully Equipped Conference Room w/ Large Whiteboard, Chrome Box, Apple Tv and Polycom.
  • Kitchen with Snacks/Candy/TrailMix, Home Brew: Tea, Hot & Cold Coffee, Fruit Infused Water.
  • 24/7 Access with Personal Key Card
  • Open Space for Meetings & Presentations.
  • General Mailbox/UPS/FedX; we sort & deliver
  • Event Space for Mixers & Celebrations

Join Us

With a working space at RAIL YARD, you’ll be working in the midst of Tucson’s great historic district. We’ve transformed what was  once the heartbeat of American manufacturing into intimate, upscale offices and meeting and event spaces with heart, friendliness, and great opportunities for collaboration. Be lonely no more!